The “Cortijo”

Cortijo Trifillas Country House

Cortijo Trifillas Country House

The Cortijo Trifillas country house is an oasis for the senses that exudes nature, harmony and serenity. Only 26 km from Hellín, get away from it all and enjoy a unique experience that is in tune with the surroundings.

Located between the Sierra de Alcaraz and Sierra del Segura mountain ranges, our hotel lies at the base of the Trifillas Peak, which along with the Fuente Albilla and La Losa peaks, has an altitude of more than 1,000 metres. Surrounded by olive trees and lavender plants, each of our rooms has a spectacular atmosphere. The house is fully equipped and decorated with attention to every last detail and a special charm to make you feel at home. Throughout your stay in this warm and cosy atmosphere, your only concern is to enjoy the relaxing experience.


Our rural complex is surrounded by vineyards that supply the raw materials for the creations of our experimental winery. We grow several local grape varieties such as Tempranillo and Monastrell, along with other international varieties that include Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petit Verdot.Be sure to include a wine tasting as part of your stay and sample the essence of our creations directly where they are made.

Olive trees

Olive trees are one of the basic elements of the agriculture in the region and a fundamental pillar of our property’s agricultural production. We have 1,000 hectares of land where we grow the Arbequina, Benizal and Picual varieties.Our oil mill processes mono-variety oils as well as combinations of varieties to create unique flavours. Olive oil tastings and tours of this important icon of La Mancha’s agriculture are arranged periodically.

Surrounding area

The “Sierra del Segura” mountain range is a great unknown and its landscapes hide enchanting secrets that are waiting to be discovered.

The charm of Cortijo Trifillas lies in its spectacular location, far from noise and in harmony with nature. As you explore the surrounding 10 kilometres, you will only come across lavender, olive groves, vineyards, pine trees and all types of natural landscapes.

The nearest town is ALCADOZO, a small village with 700 residents where you can go for pleasant strolls or to eat at authentic restaurants such as “El Segoviano”.LIÉTOR is the most important municipality in the region. This town, which is 18 km from our facility, overlooks the valley of the Mundo River and offers spectacular views of Sierra del Segura’s typical landscapes. It is perfect for walking to the vantage points or winding through the streets to take in the façades of stately homes. We recommend visiting the Liétor Parochial Museum located in the Santiago Apóstol Parish Church. The museum consists of three sections: Archaeology, Sacred Art and Ethnography. After a day of sightseeing in Liétor, an excellent alternative is to stop and eat at “La Posada de Maruja”.

The municipality of AYNA, known as “La Mancha’s Switzerland”, is one of the most appealing spots in Castilla-La Mancha and only 26 km away. The town lies between the narrow mouth of the Mundo River, in front of the rocky mass of Los Picarzos, and along a steep slope that secretly carries the waters of the La Toba spring that cascade down a lovely waterfall below the town. The surrounding area houses the Moros Cave and the last remains of the Yedra Castle from the Moorish period. What stands out the most about Ayna is the combination of nature and human traces along the spectacular canyon of the Mundo River, and the depths of these walls hide the Niño Cave, which is famous for its Palaeolithic and Neolithic rupestrian paintings. A dining alternative in Ayna is the Hotel Felipe II Restaurant, which offers panoramic views and traditional food from Albacete’s mountain region.


Surrounded by olive trees and lavender plants, each of our rooms has a spectacular atmosphere

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